The Legacy AutoEmotive Photography

About Us

Allow us to create The Legacy for you.

Bespoke, discreet and tailored to budget.

Broadly speaking car enthusiasts fall into two categories; those who love life behind 
the wheel and those who love life beneath the bonnet. But our passion for cars has 
always been expressed from behind the camera lens.

That means, no matter what relationship you share with your car, no one is better
placed to capture your passion than The Legacy team.

A simple love of cars.

Developing a love of cars is a journey. 
And no two journeys are the same.

We have been lucky enough to experience many of them first hand, shooting hundreds of cars, from immaculate multi-million-pound restorations to almost unidentifiable barn finds.

It has been our privilege to document the unique stories that link each owner to their car – reflected through their dreams, personal ambitions, skill and commitment and occasionally, blind obsession.

Our service is personal, professional and totally discreet – whether we’re capturing your passion, documenting ownership or showcasing your sense of achievement. We have created 
The Legacy specially to bring an exclusive photographic shoot within your reach –
 tailored around your location, availability 
and desired budget.

Our Process

1. Create the brief

The first step is to discuss our brief with you; be it to create an extensive gallery of images showcasing every detail or a single defining shot. The choice is yours.

2. Shoot the vehicle

Using the highest quality equipment and latest techniques to capture every detail and curve, creatively and beautifully.

3. Craft and refine

Image editing and retouching is an art form in itself. Each image is treated sensitively and professionally to extract the maximum potential and create unique works of art.

4. Image presentation

Finally, we present your finished images to you. Our aim is that every image we create is admired by all that see it, and enjoyed by you for many years to come… whether that’s purely digitally, or in our stunning bespoke books and wall art.

A conversation, costs nothing.

Every Legacy shoot begins with a conversation, that could lead us to a climate-controlled storage facility in Dubai or a restoration project in the garage of a semi in Croydon.

It’s the start of your personal story that inspires us and enables The Legacy team to create remarkable imagery to meet your brief and budget.